Petrodec is committed to the highest level of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. Petrodec is focused on minimizing the environmental impact of its operations in line with the legal and regulatory requirements governing decommissioning activities. Petrodec is proud to be playing its part in supporting the oil & gas sector through the challenges of returning marine environments back to their natural states, with much of the decommissioned material being repurposed or recycled. In addition to clients in the oil & gas sector, Petrodec is also providing engineering services to the offshore wind industry.


Headquartered in the Netherlands, Petrodec is a growing business, creating jobs within the Head Office, across its units and for associated contractors.


Petrodec is an independent company with an experienced Board of Directors. It complies with all appropriate standards and ensures the Company conducts its business safely and in a socially responsible and ethical manner. Petrodec is privately owned. Perenco, the leading independent E&P, is a shareholder.




Our work is complex, our projects are challenging and our environment is harsh.


Health, Safety and Environment are paramount to the success of our operations and our company. Petrodec will always strive to protect its employees’ health and safety as well as the environment in which it operates.


To ensure the highest standards are achieved, Petrodec relies on well thought policies, standards, procedures and the newest available tools. 



We will:

Continuously pursue the goal of zero harm to people, assets and the environment.

Promote active risk management to mitigate foreseeable hazards.

Ensure QHSE is integral in everything we do.

Provide information, instruction and training that is relevant to employees’ duties and responsibilities.

Strive for continuous improvement by setting clear objectives, performance monitoring and the encouragement of constructive feedback.